KEG Zettelkasten for Muhlestein, Robert S. (rwxrob)

Hi I’m Rob. This is my personal zettelkasten KEG site. It contains stuff on pretty much any topic I feel like writing about. The latest additions and changes are always indexed.

Note that the nature of a Zettelkasten is to be messy and unedited full of information that might once have been relevant or true or written in a moment of passion and now is no longer how I feel or even completely inaccurate. This is not a “blog” or “site” or publication of any kind. Failure to keep this in mind when reading any zettelkasten can result in harm to owner and others. Never cite anything from this or any other zettelkasten. Instead, use it to inspire your own research and conclusions.

NOTICE: This content is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license meaning that it may be copied but must remain in identical form and that no content can be created that contains it other than fair-use citations with attribution. In this case, cloning the repo is the only approved method of copying. This is to protect me by allowing me to control the content and not have anything I have written taken out of context or used to misrepresent me.